Elizabeth (eidesche) wrote,

I Am Not a Rat

So, it’s the start of a new lunar year and the omens are not the best for my type of energy.  They are saying it’s a water year and the beginning of a fire cycle, so people who identify with those elements are supposed to have the best luck. I am earth, which means this should be a good year for me too – as long as I can stand fast and hold strong… which is okay with me, that’s where earth people excel.

But what about the predictions for the new year based on the animal of my birth year? That was a little more difficult to sort out.

I am old enough to remember the days before my hometown had any Asian restaurants or food stores. The first egg roll I ever had was at an “International Day Festival” held by the Girl Scouts. You can imagine how excited I was when they finally opened a Chinese food restaurant in our town. I was probably about nine years old and it was the first time I had ever come into contact with the Chinese calendar, a calendar which I found absolutely fascinating: in an instant I had looked up my birth year and was disappointed to discover that 1972 is the year of the Rat.

But as my interest in the Chinese zodiac continued and grew, I began to feel more and more that their horoscope didn’t fit me, my reality, or my life. Like so many things in our society, those placmemats are one-size-fits-most... It just didn’t make any sense – at least not until I found out that the lunar new year starts with the new moon, not on January 1st of the Gregorian Calendar! I was born before the new moon, which means I am actually a Boar. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Come to discover: I am not a Rat after all.


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